Borrowdale Free Range Pork at Vic's Meat Market

We’ve gone free range for all our pork at our butcher!

Borrowdale Free Range Pork is sourced from their family owned 10,000-acre farm near Goondiwindi on Queensland’s fertile Darling Downs. Renowned for high ethical standards and exceptional pork quality, Borrowdale raise their animals in a stress-free environment.

What is free range exactly?

Based on the Australian Pork Limited definition, free range means that pigs are kept permanently outdoors for their entire life with shelter provided, furnished with bedding.

What sets Borrowdale Free Range Pork apart?

It’s what Borrowdale choose not to include that makes it different. What you get is 100% premium pork.


Raised in a stress-free environment, with the freedom to truffle, play and wallow in the mud, Borrowdale free range pork has superior flavour and tenderness. It’s an ideal home for the pigs to display their natural behaviours. Protection from the elements is provided with insulated huts filled with deep straw bedding for comfort. Being able to forage on pasture, the pigs are also provided with balanced diets to closely match those of their wild ancestors.


Borrowdale pork is APIQ (Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program) certified free range.


Borrowdale snagged the 2018 Australian Pork Steak Your Claim award, meaning that they were voted the best eating pork in Australia!

Get your hands on Borrowdale Free Range Pork at our Butcher now.

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