Chinese New Year 2018

Celebrate the Year of the Dog with baos at our Smokehouse & Grill and wagyu specials at our Butcher. Join us after dark on Friday 16th February – we’re extending our opening hours at both our Butcher and Smokehouse & Grill. Take advantage of free parking from 4pm.

Smokehouse & Grill

Trio of baos filled with brisket, pulled pork and chicken nuggets on the menu from Friday 16th February to Sunday 18th February

Extended opening hours at our Smokehouse & Grill on Friday 16 February 2018: 10am-10pm


Wagyu specials running all week – you can also pick your own wagyu steak at our Butcher and have it cooked by our skilled chefs at our Smokehouse & Grill.

Rangers Valley Wagyu Striploin MS 5-7 $69.90/kg
Rangers Valley Wagyu Striploin MS 7-9 $99.90/kg
Rangers Valley Wagyu Scotch Fillet MS 9 $179.90/kg
Stockyard Wagyu Scotch Fillet MS 6-7 $119.90/kg
Stockyard Wagyu Scotch Fillet MS 8-9 $169.90/kg
Fullblood Wagyu Shabu Shabu $159.90/kg
Livingstone Pureblood Wagyu O.P Ribs BMS 7-8 $119.90/kg

Chinese New Year Opening Hours

We’re extending our opening hours for Chinese New Year!

Friday 16 February 2018
Butcher 7am–10pm
Smokehouse & Grill 10am – 10pm

Night Market at Sydney Fish Market

Vic’s Meat Market stall at the Chinese New Year Night Market

When: 4pm-10pm
Where: Sydney Fish Market Boardwalk
What: Vic’s Meat Market tasting plates, steak and brisket sandwiches, sausage rolls
FREE PARKING from 4pm on Friday 16 February