Japanese A5 Wagyu Burgers for one day only

As an Australian first, we’re slinging Japanese A5 wagyu burgers at our Smokehouse & Grill for one day only! Served with tomato, lettuce, red onion, and wasabi mayo, the exclusive burgers are available in limited numbers tomorrow, Friday 12 April 2019, until sold out.

Price: $19 for the A5 burger or $25 as a combo (includes a $6 side + soft drink).

Not sure what the fuss is all about with Japanese A5 wagyu? Read on.

What is Japanese Wagyu?

‘Wa’ translates to Japanese, while ‘gyu’ means cow or cattle. Wagyu must be born and bred in Japan and comprises four breeds: Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Polled, Japanese Shorthorn. The cattle are treated as part of the family and are raised in natural surroundings with access to fresh water and high quality rice straw. Renowned for its unrivalled quality, Japanese Wagyu Beef is the ultimate beef experience.

Wagyu Beef is a delicacy with a fine, tender texture and a buttery flavour that lingers on the palate. Wagyu cattle are renowned for producing high marbling, known as ‘sashi’ in Japanese. ‘Shimofuri’ meaning marbled beef in Japanese, melts at low temperatures, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Wagyu beef grading

Japanese Wagyu Beef is graded based on yield (A, B, C) and meat quality (5-1) with A5 indicating the highest class. Established by Japan Meat Grading Association, the grading system evaluates meat quality by marbling, meat colour and brightness, firmness and texture, as well as fat colour and fat quality. The third component of grading Japanese wagyu is by its marbling, scored from BMS 1 to 12.