New: Pepe Saya's Organic Butter Now Available

With organic purchases on the rise, Pepe Saya has extended their incredible butter range to include organic products. Catering to people who like their butter ‘buttery’, this sweet variety of certified organic butter has no culture added to the cream.

Get the low-down on Pepe Saya’s new organic butter below.

Does organic butter taste different from the original range?

In terms of taste, they are quite different – the original Pepe Saya cultured butter has a lactic flavour as it’s made from crème fraiche (soured cream), whereas the organic butter is a ‘sweet’ variety butter so it has a very buttery creamy taste (and it has had no culture added).

What was the inspiration for the new range?

The inspiration came from wanting to meet everyone’s buttery needs. Pepe Saya got NASAA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) organic certified late last year – transparency and the provenance of the cream have always been very important. Being able to source some of Australia’s best organic cream was something the team has been working on in the past few years.

How is it made?

Sourcing some of the country’s best certified organic cream from Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia – an organic co-op in Geelong, Victoria – the Pepe Saya team churn the cream into butter and hand-wrapped.

What does certified organic mean?

Organic means the product is grown or produced in a way that does not use synthetic inputs. Organic certification means there’s compliance to strict standards and product credibility: no pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, hormones, or antibiotics in the product, which is also GMO free.

What about the cows? What are they fed?

The cows mostly feed on grass, hay and silage baled from organically grown grass and organic certified grain if additional supplementation is required.

Pepe Saya Organic Butter is now available at Vic’s Meat Market – find it in the fridge near check-out.