Meat the team

Bobby Matic


With an impressive background of 8 years at Rockpool Bar & Grill and 10 years at Vic’s Premium Quality Meat, our Head Butcher Bobby Matic is armed with a wealth of meaty knowledge. When he’s not working his magic at Vic’s Meat Market, you’ll find him at the beach with his family, setting up the BBQ there for the day.

Angus Harrison


Angus first fell in love with cooking at the age of 16, inspired by his work experience at the renowned Tetsuya’s. Stints at numerous establishments including Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay, Longrain, and Qualia followed. For four years, Angus was at the helm of a plethora of restaurants across Asia. Returning to Sydney to work at the iconic Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, Angus has now joined the Vic’s Meat Market team as head chef.

Peter Tobin

BBQ enthusiast Pete joins the team after 12 years at ABC, where he had a hand at anything and everything - from creating ABC Kids and organising Rage clips to running the front desk. When he's not busy being likeable at Vic's Meat Market, he's DJing at weddings, festivals and private gigs as DJ Hollywood Pete. "If in doubt, put Outkast on," he says.

John Adam


As our veteran butcher, John loves cutting meat and started in the industry in 1980 to support his mum. He has a whopping 39 years of experience under his belt.

Esther Yarwood


Hailing from Wollongong, Esther has worked in butcher shops for 11 years and has been qualified as a butcher for 6 years. When she's not lighting up our butchery with her friendly smile, she's happy swimming and cooking.

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