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Lamb Cutlets Recipe

A simple recipe to add to your meat basics repertoire.

The most expensive cut of lamb; the rack is beautiful roasted whole but even better when cut into individual cutlets and grilled on the BBQ. No knife and fork needed, the handle is built in! The 8 ribs closest to the loin are known as the “best end” or “top-end” rack. Riding on the back of the lamb, the muscle is thicker and more tender (because it does less work). Cutlets responds well to quick cooking and are particularly lovely served medium rare.

PREP TIME: 2-3 hrs COOK TIME: 3 mins SERVES: 2 people


8 lamb cutlets (4 per person)

A few cloves of garlic, crushed

20cm rosemary, cut into sprigs

Olive oil

Salt & pepper (to season)


1. Ask your butcher to french the cutlets.

2. Marinate with rosemary, garlic and olive oil for a couple of hours.

3. Remove lamb from the fridge 10 minutes before cooking, to bring to room temperature.

4. Heat your BBQ or griddle to hot.

5. Sprinkle the lamb with salt and pepper.

6. Cook for 2 – 3 minutes on each side. They should be golden and caramelised on the outside and still a little pink inside.

7. Rest for a few minutes before serving


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