Pan-fried Pork and Chilli Dumplings Recipe

Perfect morsels for every occasion.

These dumplings make great party nibbles. Serve them on a platter with the dipping sauce or serve them individually on ceramic soupspoons, drizzle each with a little sauce.

Recipe courtesy of the food dept. (Recipe Sally Courtney, Art direction Anne Marie Cummins, Photography Brett Stevens, Styling Justine Poole)

PREP TIME: 30 mins COOK TIME: 30 mins MAKES: 48 dumplings


black sesame seeds, to serve

1 large red chilli, finely sliced

¼ cup Chinese red vinegar

¾ cup water

1 tablespoon oil

2 packets round dumpling wrappers

1 tablespoon corn flour

2 small red chillies, seeded and finely chopped

1 tablespoon chilli paste

1 tablespoon grated ginger

2 teaspoons sesame oil

2 tablespoons soy

½ cup chopped garlic chives

500g pork mince


1. In a bowl combine pork mince, garlic chives, soy, sesame oil, ginger, chilli paste, chilli, and cornflour.

2. To make dumplings place a wrapper in palm of hand and brush the edge with water.

3. Place a teaspoonful of pork mix into the wrapper and fold in half to encase pork.

4. Pleat the top layer of wrapper 3 times towards the centre on each side. (Pleating only top layer will create crescent shape). Press sides together firmly and place on a lined tray. Repeat.

5. Heat a non-stick frying pan, over a medium heat. Add oil and arrange dumplings in pan. Fry for 1-2 minutes.

6. Carefully pour over water and cover pan with lid, cook for 6-8 minutes. Remove lid and cook until water has evaporated.

7. To make dipping sauce, combine vinegar and chilli in a bowl.

8. Serve dumplings sprinkled with black sesame and chilli vinegar dipping sauce.

9. TIP: The raw dumplings can be frozen for up to 1 month. Cook the frozen dumplings while still frozen and allow an extra 5 minutes with the lid on to ensure they dumplings are cooked through.

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