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Steak Class with Tim Talam

He'll steak your breath your away.

Learn to cook the perfect steak with MasterChef meatbae Tim Talam.

The steaks have never been higher! Learn all things beef: the differences between grain fed and pasture fed beef, what is wagyu, cooking times, temperatures, and the importance of resting.

Tim will show you how to cook the perfect tenderloin, T-bone, sirloin, wagyu, rib eye, and flank steak so that every bite is juicy, tender and delicious. Plus he’ll answer all your questions and take you through how to achieve your preferred degree of doneness.


When: Tuesday 23 October 2018 at 6pm Where: Vic’s Meat Market How much: $150

The class includes a cider, beer or wine on arrival and a range of steak cuts, served with seasonal greens for dinner with wine to accompany.

Contact us on 8570 8570 or to book.


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