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Super Sundays: Steak Cook Off Round 2

The steaks have never been higher.


We're hosting 9 of Australia's best to show off their skills using Vic's Meat Market steaks sponsored by O'Connor Beef and Firebrand.

With a panel of three judges to impress and cash prizes to win, three competitors will be cooking off against each other every fortnight at Vic's Meat Market. Each round will be judged by a panel of three experts who will ultimately crown the steak champion (who will snag a cash prize) at the finale.

Come down to Vic’s Meat Market and see what it takes to be a competitive BBQ master. This Sunday 29 September 2019 our second round competitors are facing off from 11am.


  • Nick Angelucci from BBQ Aroma

  • Drue Butterworth from Dru-B-Q

  • Lukas Armstrong from Rollin' Smoke BBQ

What got you into BBQ?

Drue: Lots of things like the love of fire, food cooked over fire and meat in general.

Lukas: Watching shows like BBQ Pit Masters and Man vs Food and then taking a trip to the US in 2010 kicked it off for me.

Nick: Arrosticini – family trips to Italy introduced me to a regional tradition of grilling lamb skewers.

What do you like about competing?

Drue: Winning. What can I say, I'm a competitive type of guy. Also bragging rights are always good.

Lukas: I enjoy all the aspects of competition cooking. It's always great to go and spend a weekend away with good mates and rivals 😁

Nick: First time. I do a lot of barbecuing and run a specialist barbecue shop in Leichhardt.

What’s your favourite cut of meat?

Drue: All of it... This is a hard one. I like challenging myself on a really cheap cut off meat. And also like to wow the family with a high end something or other.

Lukas: Pork ribs - they are supposed to be the best ribs in the country and I don't argue with those claims. For steak predominantly scotch fillet - we have a good flavor profile we have been working on for the past 12 months.

Nick: Lamb shoulder – skewered or low and slow.

What’s a hot tip you’d give to someone just starting out with BBQing?

Drue: Look after your mum, lol. Just keep cooking. A master has failed more times then a apprentice has even tried

Lukas: Buy an instant read thermapen type device - it will take a lot of guesswork out and your end product will be much better.

Nick: Bypass the gas BBQ and live a little using charcoal wood and smoke.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Drue: I build smokers. I have an expanding small business called Dru-B-Q which makes UDS smokers and parts.

Lukas: BBQ or something related to it. It's not very often we aren't doing something to get ready for the next comp. Nick: Eat other people’s cooking – I love exploring flavours and techniques.

See Drue, Lukas and Nick go head to head this Sunday from 11am.

Vic's Super Sundays is proudly sponsored by O'Connor Beef and Firebrand BBQ


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