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Torello Rose Veal is now available at Vic's Meat Market

The first and only true rose veal.

Torello Rose Veal - never before have we seen such purposeful and respectful farming of veal.


Rosé Veal takes its name from the rosé or pink appearance compared to paler traditional milk veal. Torello Rosé Veal is a product created from the desire to add value to the lives of male calves born into the dairy industry. Rather than being processed at the traditional age of a few days or weeks old, Torello Rosé Veal is fed to 6-7 months, giving their lives value.


Cows in dairy herds need to deliver a calf every year to remain in-milk. Unfortunately, male calves born into the dairy herd are not required and are therefore processed very young. But the Torello Rosé Veal farming method takes these male calves, gives their life value and results in far superior veal quality than anything seen in Australia to date.


Calves are reared in a respectful, responsible and sustainable way at farms based in Cowra, NSW. Every element of the animal’s life is guided by a desire to show the vealer respect.


Rosé Veal is a healthy choice – it’s lean, high in iron, and low in sodium.


Whether it’s a slow-cooked Osso Buco or a crumbed Veal Cutlet, Torello Rosé Veal is easy to prepare and suitable for both beef and veal recipes.

Get your hands on Torello Rosé Veal at our Butcher now.

For specific cuts, please contact us on 02 8570 8570 or to order ahead.

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