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Bringing fresh quality meat from the Butcher straight to the Smokehouse & Grill, our menu showcases both smoked meat and perfectly grilled steaks. 


Our smoker is custom built by Yoder Smokers in Kansas, USA. It’s the largest custom smoker in Australia, weighing in at almost 2 tonnes. Holding 200kg of meat, the smoker enjoys a steady diet of ironbark. Our American barbecue draws influences from various regions within the States. Our pulled pork takes inspiration from the Carolinas and Memphis states with a brown sugar paprika rub and tangy mustard slaw. The pork butts are brined for a minimum of 12 hours and then barbecued for 10 further hours. Our brisket is taken straight from Central Texas with just salt and pepper rub.

Butcher  Sun-Wed 7AM-4PM  Thu 7AM-7PM Sat-Sun 7AM-5PM

Smokehouse & Grill   Mon-Wed 10AM-3PM  Thu-Sun 10AM-4PM

Sydney Fish Market
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Sun-Wed 7AM - 4PM 

Thu 7AM - 7PM

Fri-Sat 7AM-5PM

Smokehouse & Grill

Mon-Wed 10AM - 3PM

Thu-Sun 10AM - 4PM

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