Iwate A5 Wagyu is available at our Butcher now

Japanese A5 Wagyu is back now!

With over 200 Wagyu brands produced in Japan, it's easy to get overwhelmed. What differentiates one brand from another is a number of factors including provenance, bloodline, farming methods, and grading.

Iwate A5 Wagyu is available at Vic's Meat Market now in limited numbers.


Iwate has won first prize 11 times in the National Beef Carcass Competition, in which prefectures compete for the recognition of creating some of the best Wagyu in Japan. Iwate has won this prestigious award more than any other region in Japan.

But what makes it so award-winning? The environment, for one. Iwate Prefecture is found in the Tohoku region of Honshu and is renowned for its pristine water, clean air, and fertile land. The cattle grow in a free, natural environment that's rich in greenery. This is reflected in the flavour of the A5 Wagyu.

It's also the care and attention the farmers devote to the cattle, paying attention to the health and keeping a watchful eye over any necessary adjustments like moving sheds to another location or fine-tuning the feed.

Want to find out more about how to eat and cook Japanese A5 wagyu? Read more here.


Limited supply of Iwate A5 Wagyu Topside is available at our Butcher now


Iwate A5 Wagyu Brisket Burgers $30

Saturday 14 December & Sunday 14 December

11am until sold out

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