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MEAT: The Ultimate Companion - Interview with Anthony Puharich

Breakfast has never looked better.

We’re very excited to introduce you to MEAT: The Ultimate Companion by our very own Anthony Puharich and co-author Libby Travers. MEAT: The Ultimate Companion is designed to walk you through the topic from the eyes of the farmer, the butcher and the best cooks to help you with the questions you might want to ask before you buy your meat. Anthony gives us a rundown of what you can expect.


My goal with this book is to inform and educate, but also make it entertaining. I didn’t want it to be too technical or laborious because people tend to switch off when it’s too technical.

The technical side is quite basic. If I were to write a book on butchery techniques, there needs to be a separate book for it. This is more for a broader audience – those who are still confused about meat, how to eat it, how to buy it. It’s not for chefs or for butchers. It’s for those who aren’t feeling confident when they walk into a butcher shop. And of course anybody who wants to know more about meat, cook more meat and loves meat.


I want it to be a book that is used constantly. If you just got home from Vic’s Meat Market where our head butcher Bobby sold this book to you after you bought an unusual cut, you use it because you want to learn how to cook it.

It might seem big and intimidating, but every chapter starts with a 2-page summary so if you only have 5 minutes, read this snapshot. You’ll be 100% more equipped to talk about meat at your next BBQ.


There are 110 recipes. I’m not a chef so what I decided to do is collect and choose my absolutely favourite meat recipes, so the classics because I love the classics. We’ve been able to use every single cut from every single animal within those 110 recipes. So you can search those recipes whether you want to eat beef or whether you want to use veal liver.


1. Eat better quality meat, but eat less of it. I’m sure there will be many people who will think I’m a hypocrite because the whole industry is geared towards getting people to eat as much meat as possible. We’re very indulgent when it comes to our passion for eating meat in Australia.

2. Eat the whole animal. Don’t waste any part of it. Try different things.

3. Eat more wild animals. Eat animals that are native to your particular part of the world. There is one important native animal to our country – and that animal is the kangaroo. There are 60 million of them jumping around Central Australia. By default because they’re native to our country, there’s no carbon footprint whatsoever with kangaroo meat. They thrive and survive on what’s around them.


MEAT: THE ULTIMATE COMPANION by Anthony Puharich and Libby Travers $79.99

MEAT: THE ULTIMATE COMPANION by Anthony Puharich and Libby Travers $195 Personally signed by Anthony Puharich. This limited edition of only 500 copies is uniquely bound in kangaroo hide. A keepsake for many years to come.

Visit us in store to pick up your copy now.

Want to meet Anthony and Libby? Join us at our BBQ + Beer + Book Event on 31 October. Tickets include a copy of the book. Grab your tickets here.


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