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Super Sundays: Steak Cook Off Round 3

The steaks have never been higher.


We're hosting 9 of Australia's best to show off their skills using Vic's Meat Market steaks sponsored by O'Connor Beef and Firebrand.

With a panel of three judges to impress and cash prizes to win, three competitors will be cooking off against each other every fortnight at Vic's Meat Market. Each round will be judged by a panel of three experts who will ultimately crown the steak champion (who will snag a cash prize) at the finale.

Come down to Vic’s Meat Market and see what it takes to be a competitive BBQ master. This Sunday 13 October 2019 our second round competitors are facing off from 11am.


  • Trevor Dawson from Aussie Pit Boys

  • Nawaf Refai from 2 Smokin Arabs

  • Adam Cooper from The Meat Boutique

What got you into BBQ?

Trevor: I have always loved barbecuing and opened a business selling smokers to the Australian market. I attended a BBQ competition to vendor my products and enter the cook off side of the competition and was hooked on cooking.

Nawaf: I came across a great show on A&E one night called BBQ Pitmasters and never looked back!

Adam: It started out as a bit of a hobby and the learning of NEW ways to cook a BBQ, which quickly turned into a passion for the flavour that meat and food can be cooked over an open flame or charcoal.

What do you like about competing?

Trevor: I love the social aspect, the travel, being competitive and interacting and meeting new people who have a common interest in BBQ.

Nawaf: The love of cooking, the rush, meeting great new people, just the overall experience.

Adam: Meeting the different characters that are involved and sharing insight.

What’s your favourite cut of meat?

Trevor: I love to cook all things PORK especially pork ribs as I always seem to do well in competition cooking them.

Nawaf: Rib eye

Adam: With time, beef short ribs. Without time, scotch fillet on the bone.

What’s a hot tip you’d give to someone just starting out with BBQing?

Trevor: If you are just starting out in BBQ do your homework first. Don't just jump in and buy all the fancy gadgets you think you need. Start off slow with easy to cook cheap cuts of meat before you tackle a $200 Wagyu Brisket.

Nawaf: Patience! patience is an absolute must

Adam: Patience. Proper BBQing isn't turning on the gas it is about the fuel used, the temperature of the fuel, the placement of the fuel and being patient until it is all correct.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Trevor: BBQ is my free time, It is a hobby that has turned into an obsession. I am also an avid wine collector which pairs well with my love for BBQ.

Nawaf: Relaxing with my family and trying out new recipes. Adam: Anything involving the ocean, camping, swimming, socialising, BBQing, and anything that involves being outdoors.

See Trevor, Nawaf and Adam go head to head this Sunday from 11am.

Vic's Super Sundays is proudly sponsored by O'Connor Beef and Firebrand BBQ


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