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Our Smokehouse & Grill is closed until further notice.


Our smoker is custom built by Yoder Smokers in Kansas, USA. It’s the largest custom smoker in Australia, weighing in at almost 2 tonnes. Holding 200kg of meat, the smoker enjoys a steady diet of ironbark. Our American barbecue draws influences from various regions within the States. Our pulled pork takes inspiration from the Carolinas and Memphis states with a brown sugar paprika rub and tangy mustard slaw. The pork butts are brined for a minimum of 12 hours and then barbecued for 10 further hours. Our brisket is taken straight from Central Texas with just salt and pepper rub.

Butcher Mon-Sun 7AM-4PM | Smokehouse & Grill Re-Opening Soon

Sydney Fish Market
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Mon-Sun 7AM - 4PM 

Smokehouse & Grill

Re-Opening Soon

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